Chilli sauces 150ml

All of our sauces are made with gluten free ingredients and are 100% vegetarian


Jango - mild

Our fruity mango and Jalapeno sauce.
Perfect for dipping prawn crackers and spring rolls,
use it as a marinade for a sizzling summer chicken dish
or as a salad dressing.
My favourite is chocolate brownie and ice cream!

Balsamic Teriyaki - mild

Balsamic Teriyaki has been lovingly prepared using a rich balsamic reduction, our own chillies, gluten free soy and aromatic spicing.

Perfect for marinating fish or meats, amazing as a salad dressing or ideal for stir frying!

Once tried never forgotten!

Mrs chillies finest creation

Roco - Loco - mild/med

Roco - Loco our very own sweet chilli sauce!
Made with our own Rocoto chillies,
ginger, lemon and garlic, our
sweet pepper sauce is perfect for
dipping, dressing salads, and awesome
with any oriental dish

Thirsty Dog - medium

Thirsty Dog is our best selling sauce. A chilli BBQ sauce made with a cola reduction, our own smoked chipotle chillies and hot smoked paprika. Amazing with pretty much anything including grilled meats, casseroles, con carne or try adding to a soup for a warming mug of smoky goodness!

Scorched Bonnet - medium hot

Scorched Bonnet - created with tradition in mind. Roasted peppers and garlic form the base of the sauce with a punch of chilli from our own Scotch Bonnet chillies. The heat level is medium to hot making it an easy going everyday sauce, great on scrambled eggs and pizza, as a salsa base or try it with a pasta sauce.

Red Planet - Hot to Super Hot

Red Planet - simply stunning! First we cold smoke our Ghost chillies and vine tomatoes over hickory. Roasted peppers and wild west herbs and spices are added giving this sauce an out of this world taste explosion! A must have at any BBQ or steak and chip dinner.

Sundance - Super hot

Sundance - A real tounge sizzler! A fiercly hot sauce made with Scorpion Trinidad chillies and Carolina Reaper crosses. Flavours from fresh lime, coriander and garlic. Perfect for a kebab sauce, grilled mackeral or tuna but even better as a hot sauce on the bbq